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It is with my warmest wishes that I welcome you to my website! Created in 2000, this site was designed as a way for me to express my Creativity and Imagination as well as to also provide a glimpse into the many adventures I have had the good fortune to participate in. Growing tired of the "rat race" and working at the whims of others; it was my desire to have a bigger say in the creative direction of the various projects I became involved with. Today my decision to go freelance allows me to enjoy the freedom to choose projects according to both my interests and schedule. In turn this allows me to concentrate on providing the very best quality possible in both personal projects and those undertaken on behalf of my clientele. It also allows me the chance to pursue the many academic and research assignments that happen to cross my desk. 


In modern society, you will often come across individuals who stick to approaches and methods proven over the years. Although this is a time-honored concept, it simply does not reflect the proper sense of Exploration that is needed in today's world in order to keep moving forward. Increasingly it takes an individual with Initiative and Vision willing to break with the old ways and emblazon new paths. It is my quest to continually search for innovative and unique ways to present bold, fresh ideas for the many projects I become involved in. I sincerely believe that there are many different approaches to present material in such a way as it engages the chosen target audience - without sacrificing content or quality. In this respect, I am constantly adapting and evolving in order to embrace the latest cutting-edge techniques and technologies. 

One day I was asked about my basic philosophy towards life. Without a moment's hesitation or thought I responded "Explore!"

Nothing more really needs to be said.