For today's post, we will be performing research on a book in my personal collection entitled "Southern Gambit: Cornwallis and the British March to Yorktown" which was published in 2019 by Stanley Carpenter.

Southern Gambit: Cornwallis and the British March to Yorktown - 2019 - Stanley Carpenter

Stanley Carpenter

Stanley D.M. Carpenter serves as the Strategy and Policy Division Head for the College of Distance Education at the United States Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, where he administers the Strategy and War nonresident programs and serves as a Professor of Strategy and Policy.

He holds degrees from Florida State University (Ph.D. in British Military History), the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) (M.Litt. in Scottish History), and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (A.B. with Honors in History) as well as graduate studies in the Department of War Studies, King's College, University of London.

Professor Carpenter retired from the US Navy in June 2009 with the rank of Captain after thirty years' service, both Active Duty and Reserve, and having held several commanding officer positions. Professor Carpenter's latest publications include a study of military leadership and resultant effectiveness in the British Civil Wars (Military Leadership in the British Civil Wars, 1642-1651: 'The Genius of this Age'), an edited volume of English Civil War essays (The English Civil War) as well as chapters on Admiral Thomas Moorer in Nineteen Gun Salute: Case Studies of Strategic and Operational Naval Leadership in the 20th Century and the 1940 Two-Ocean naval legislation in One Hundred Years of U.S. Navy Airpower.

In June 2009, he published Resurrection of ANTIMONY, the first in a series of World War II action-adventure historical novels centered on a retired Royal Navy intelligence officer brought back into the field to confront Nazi Germany.

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