Coursera - American Museum of Natural History

Genetics and Society: A Course for Educators
The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators

Coursera - Barnard College: Columbia University

Economics of Money and Banking, Part One
Economics of Money and Banking, Part Two

Coursera - Berkeley College of Music

Introduction to Guitar
Introduction to Improvisation
Introduction to Music Production

Coursera - Brown

Archeology's Dirty Little Secret
Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications
The Fiction of Relationship

Coursera - California Institute of the Arts

Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance Works
Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists

Coursera - California Institute of Technology

Drugs and the Brain
Principles of Economics for Scientists

 Coursera - Caltech

Galaxies and Cosmology

Coursera - Case Western Reserve University

Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies
Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
Introduction to International Criminal Law

Coursera - Clayton Christiansen Institute

Blended Learning: Personalizing Education for Students

Coursera - Columbia University

Big Data in Education
Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I
Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part II
How Viruses Cause Disease
Introduction to Sustainable Development
Natural Language Processing
The Age of Sustainable Development

Coursera - Commonwealth Education Trust

Foundations of Teaching for Learning 1: Introduction
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 2: Being a Teacher
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 3: Learners and Learning
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 4: Curriculum
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 5: Planning for Teaching and Learning
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 6: Introduction to Student Assessment
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 7: Being a Professional
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 8: Developing Relationships

Coursera - Copenhagen Business School

An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing

Coursera - Curtis Institute of Music

Exploring Beethoven's Piano Sonatas
From the Repertoire: Western Music History through Performance

Coursera - Duke University

21st Century American Foreign Policy
9/11 and Its Aftermath - Part I
A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior
Advertising and Society
Bioelectricity: A Quantative Approach
English Composition I
Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship
History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education
Image and Video Processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a Stop at the Hospital
Introduction to Astronomy
Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Genetics and Evolution
Introductory Human Physiology
Medical Neuroscience
Sports and Society
Think Again: How to Reason and Argue
Visual Perception and the Brain

Coursera - Ecole Centrale Paris

An Introduction to Functional Analysis
Discrete Inference and Learning in Artificial Vision
On Strategy: What Managers Can Learn from Philosophy - Part I

Coursera - Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanna EPFL

Digital Signal Processing
Functional Programming Principles in Scala
Linear and Discrete Optimization
Principles of Reactive Programming

Coursera - Emory University

Citizenship and U.S. Immigration
Introduction to Digital Sound Design

Coursera - Georgia Institute of Technology

Advanced Engineering Systems in Motion: Dynamics of Three Dimensional (3D) Motion
Applications in Engineering Mechanics
Computational Investing, Part I
Computational Photography
Control of Mobile Robots
Energy 101
Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application
Games without Chance: Combinatorial Game Theory
Health Informatics in the Cloud
Introduction to Engineering Mechanics
Introduction to Psychology as a Science
Linear Circuits
Software Defined Networking
Survey of Music Technology

Coursera - HEC Paris

Time to Reorganize! Understand Organizations, Act, and Build a Meaningful World

Coursera - IE Business School

Critical Perspectives on Management

Coursera - Indian Institute of Technology Delhi & Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi

Web Intelligence and Big Data

Coursera - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

An Introduction to the U.S. Food System
Community Change in Public Health
Data Analysis
Developing Data Products
Exploratory Data Analysis
Getting and Cleaning Data
Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach
Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp
Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 2
Practical Machine Learning
Principles of Obesity Economics
R Programming
Regression Models
Reproducible Research
Statistical Inference
Statistical Reasoning for Public Health: Estimation, Inference, & Interpretation
Statistical Reasoning for Public Health 2: Regression Methods
The Data Scientist's Toolbox
Training and Learning Programs for Volunteer Community Health Workers
Vaccine Trials: Methods and Best Practices

Coursera - John Hopkins School of Nursing

Care of Elders with Alzheimer's Disease and other Major Neurocognitive Disorders
Global Tuberculosis (TB) Clinical Management and Research
Living with Dementia: Impact on Individuals, Caregivers, Communities and Societies

Coursera - Kennesaw State University

K-12 Blended & Online Learning

Coursera - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Supply Chain Management: A Learning Perspective

Coursera - Ludwig/Maximilians - Universitat Muchen

Circadian Clocks: How Rhythms Structure Life
Competitive Strategy
Volcanic Eruptions: A Material Science

Coursera - Lund University

Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia
Introduction to European Business Law

Coursera - Match Education

Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching: 3 Key Ideas & High Leverage Techniques

Coursera - Mount Sinai

Dynamical Modeling Methods for Systems Biology
Experimental Methods in Systems Biology
Introduction to Systems Biology
Network Analysis in Systems Biology

Coursera - Mt San Jacinto College

Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade

Coursera - Nanyang Technological University

Beauty, Form, & Function: An Exploration of Symmetry

Coursera - Nanjing University

Jewish Diaspora in Modern China

Coursera - National University of Singapore

Reason and Persuasion: Thinking Through Three Dialogues by Plato
Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition

Coursera - New Teacher Center

Common Core in Action: Literacy Across Content Areas
Common Core in Action: Math Formulative Assessment

Coursera - Northwestern University

Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization
Everything is the Same: Modeling Engineered Systems
How Green Is That Product? An Introduction to Life Cycle Environmental Assessment
Law and the Entrepreneur
Understanding Media by Understanding Google

Coursera - Ohio State University

Calculus One
Calculus Two: Sequences and Series
Generation Rx: The Science Behind Prescription Drug Abuse
Introduction to Pharmacy

Coursera - Peking University

Chinese for Beginners

Coursera - Penn State

Creativity, Innovation, and Change
Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
Geospatial Intelligence & the Geospatial Revolution

Coursera - Princeton University

A History of the World Since 1300
Algorithms Part I
Algorithms Part II
Analysis of Algorithms
Analytic Combinatorics Part 1
Analytic Combinatorics Part 2
Buddhism and Modern Pyschology
Computer Architecture
Introduction to Sociology
Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes
Statistics One

Coursera - Relay/Graduate School of Education

Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher

Coursera - Rice University

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python
Analytical Chemistry/Instrumental Analysis
Chemistry: Concept Development and Application
Chemistry: Concept Development and Application Part II
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Laboratory
Inquiry Science Learning: Perspectives and Practices 1 - Science Leadership
Inquiry Science Learning: Perspectives and Practices 2 - Techniques for Success
Nanotechnology: The Basics

Coursera - Royal Holloway University of London

Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story

Coursera - Rutgers

Analyzing the Universe
Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences

Coursera - Sapienza Universita Di Roma

Early Renaissance Architecture in Italy: from Alberti to Bramante
Recovering the Humankind Past and Saving the Universal Heritage

Coursera - Sciences Po

Cities are back in town: sociologie urbaine pour un monde globalise

Coursera - Stanford University

Algorithms: Design and Analysis Part 1
Algorithms: Design and Analysis Part 2
Antimicrobial Stewardship: Optimization of Antibiotic Practices
Child Nutrition and Cooking 2.0
Cryptology I
Democratic Development
Game Theory
Game Theory II: Advanced Applications
General Game Playing
Human-Computer Interaction
Introduction to Logic
Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
Machine Learning
Organizational Analysis
Practical Tips to Improve Asian American Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis
Writing in the Sciences
Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity

Coursera - Technical University of Denmark

Computational Molecular Evolution

Coursera - Technische Universiteit/Eindhoven University of Technology

Process Mining: Data Science in Action

Coursera - Tel Aviv University

The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem
What a Plant Knows (and other things you didn't know about plants)

Coursera - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Information Theory
The Role of the Renminbi in the International Monetary System

Coursera - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Modern European Mysticism and Psychological Thought
Synapses, Neurons and Brains

Coursera - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

A New History for a New China, 1700-2000: New Data and New Methods Part I
Science, Technology, and Society in China I: Basic Concepts
The Science of Gastronomy

Coursera - The Museum of Modern Art

Fashion as Design
In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting

Coursera - The University of British Columbia

Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations
Useful Genetics
Useful Genetics Part 2
Introduction to Systematic Program Design - Part 1

Coursera - The University of Chicago

Asset Pricing
Global Warming: The Science of Climate Change

Coursera - The University of Edinburgh

Artificial Intelligence Planning
Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Critical Thinking in Global Challenges
E-Learning and Digital Cultures
EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a veterinarian?
Equine Nutrition
Introduction to Philosophy
The Making of the US President: A Short History in Five Elections

Coursera - The University of Melbourne

Animal Behavior
Climate Change
Contemporary India
Discrete Optimization
Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression
Exercise Physiology: Understanding the Athlete Within
Generating the Wealth of Nations
Principles of Macroeconomics
The French Revolution

Coursera - The University of Manchester

Our Earth: Its Climate, History, and Processes

Coursera - The University of New Mexico

Global Business Environment 1
Global Business Environment 2
International Business I
International Business II

Coursera - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health
Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy
Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information
What's Your Big Idea?

Coursera - The University of Tokyo

Conditions of War and Peace
From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

Coursera - The World Bank

Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4 Degree Celsius World Must Be Avoided

Coursera - Universitat de Barcelona

Magic in the Middle Ages

Coursera - Universitiet Leiden

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice
The Changing Global Order

Coursera - University of Albany

The Governance of Nonprofit Organizations

Coursera - University of Alberta

Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology
Indigenous Canada

Coursera - University of Amsterdam

Big History - From the Big Bang until Today
Introduction to Communication Science

Coursera - University of California, Berkeley

Computer Vision: The Fundamentals
Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation
Software Engineering for SaaS

Coursera - University of California-Irvine

Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom
Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom
Fundamentals of Personal Finance Planning
Foundations of Virtual Instruction
Microeconomics for Managers
Performance Assessment in the Virtual Classroom
Preparation for Introductory Biology: DNA to Organisms
Principles of Public Health
Science from Superheroes to Global Warming
The Power of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World
The Power of Microeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World

Coursera - University of California, San Diego

Bioinformatics Algorithms (Part 1)

Coursera - University of California, San Francisco

Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA)
Clinical Problem Solving
Computing for Choices, Culture and Consequences
Diabetes: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Opportunities
Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Understanding Research: An Overview for Health Professionals

Coursera - University of California, Santa Cruz

C++ for C Programmers

Coursera - University of Colorado Boulder

Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Introduction to Power Electronics
Linear and Integer Programming
Physics 1 for Physical Science Majors

Coursera - University of Copenhagen

An Introduction to Global Health
Origins: Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life
Soren Kierkegaard: Subjectivity, Irony and the Crises of Modernity
The New Nordic Diet - from Gastronomy to Health

Coursera - University of Florida

Economic Issues: Food & You
Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future
Music's Big Bang: The Genesis of Rock 'n' Roll
Sustainable Agricultural Land Management

Coursera - Universite De Geneve

Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Overview
International Organizations Management

Coursera - University of Houston

The Bilingual Brain
Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools

Coursera - University of Illinois

Creative, Serious, and Playful Science of Android Apps
E-Learning Ecologies
Subsistence Marketplaces
Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management

Coursera - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Heterogeneous Parallel Programming
Intermediate Organic Chemistry Part 1
Introductory Organic Chemistry Part 1
Introduction to Sustainability
Microeconomics Principles
VLSI CAD: Logic to Layout

Coursera - University of Kentucky

Advanced Chemistry

Coursera - University of London

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps
English Common Law: Structures and Principles
Global Diplomacy - Diplomacy in the Modern World
Understanding Research Methods
The Magna Carta and its Legacy

Coursera - University of Maryland

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship
Exploring Quantum Physics
Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology)
Hardware Security
Innovation for Entrepreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace
Making Better Group Decisions: Voting, Judgement Aggregation and Fair Division
New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs
Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems
Software Security
Surviving Disruptive Technologies
Understanding Terrorism and the Terrorist Threat
Women and the Civil Rights Movement

Coursera - University of Michigan

Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World
Internet History, Technology, and Security
Introduction to Finance
Model Thinking
Securing Digital Democracy
Social Network Analysis
Understanding and Improving the US Healthcare System

Coursera - University of Minnesota

Introduction to Recommender Systems
Preventing Chronic Pain: A Human Systems Approach
Social Epidemiology
Statistical Molecular Thermodynamics

Coursera - University of Oregon

Shaping the Way We Teach English, 1 - The Landscape of English Language Teaching

Coursera - University of Pennsylvania

American Education Reform: History, Policy, Practice
An Introduction to Corporate Finance
An Introduction to Financial Accounting
An Introduction to Marketing
An Introduction to Operations Management
Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society
Arts and Culture Strategy
Calculus: Single Variable
Cardiac Arrest, Hypothermia, and Resuscitation Science
Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society
Designing Cities
Experimental Genome Science
Fundamentals of Pharmacology
Going Out on a Limb: The Anatomy of the Upper Limb
Greek and Roman Mythology
Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act
History of the Slave South
Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization
Listening to World Music
Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
Networked Life
Rationing and Allocating Scarce Medical Resources
Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Coursera - University of Pittsburg

A Look at Nuclear Science and Technology
Accountable Talk: Conversation that Works
Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students
Disaster Preparedness
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health

Coursera - University of Rochester

History of Rock, Part One
History of Rock, Part Two
Technology Commercialization, Part 1: Setting up your Idea Filtering System
The Music of the Beatles
The Music of the Rolling Stones, 1962 - 1974
The Power of Markets

Coursera - University of Toronto

Aboriginal Worldviews and Education
Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code
Learn to Program: The Fundamentals
Neural Networks for Machine Learning
Statistics: Making Sense of Data
The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness

Coursera - University of Virginia

Age of Jefferson
Design Thinking for Business Innovation
Effective Classroom Interactions: Supporting Young Children's Development
Foundations of Business Strategy
Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Business, Part I
Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Business, Part II
How Things Work I
Know Thyself
New Models of Business in Society
Plagues, Witches, and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction
The Kennedy Half Century
The Modern World: Global History since 1760
The Modern World, Part One: Global History from 1760 to 1910

Coursera - University of Washington

Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit
Computational Methods for Data Analysis
Computational Neuroscience
Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies
Information Security and Risk Management in Context
Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics
Introduction to Computer Networks
Introduction to Data Science
Introduction to Public Speaking
Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance
Programming Languages
Scientific Computing
The Hardware/Software Interface

Coursera - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Human Evolution: Past and Future
Markets with Frictions
Video Games and Learning

Coursera - Vanderbuilt University

Data Management for Clinical Research
Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations
Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights
Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative
Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures for Concurrent and Networked Software

Coursera - Wesleyan University

Analysis of a Complex Kind
Bioinformatic Methods
How to Change the World
Passion Driven Statistics
Property and Liability: An Introduction to Law and Economics
The Ancient Greeks
The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color
The Modern and the Postmodern

Coursera - West Virginia University

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

Coursera - Yale

Age of Cathedrals
America's Unwritten Constitution
Constitutional Law
Introduction to Classical Music
Journey Conversations: Weaving Knowledge and Action
Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding of Life
Moral Foundations of Politics
Moralities of Everyday Life
Roman Architecture
The Worldview of Thomas Berry: The Flourishing of the Earth Community