Artist. Author. Cartographer. Conservationist. Designer. Filmmaker. Historian. Musician. Scientist. Soldier. These are but a few of the labels I have been called over the course of my life. However, I feel that there is one word that most accurately describes my true nature: Explorer.

Being raised in Oklahoma, I was fortunate to be introduced and exposed to a wide variety of topics including: Art, Computers, History, Music, and much more. My family encouraged learning new concepts/ideas and pushed me to explore whenever the opportunity presented itself. Through the years I have continually pursued my educational goals eventually receiving multiple collegiate awards in Intelligence Analysis, Ancient and Classical History, History, and Intelligence Studies. I also constantly travel in order to both expand my horizons and also to experience firsthand the many wonders of our world.

At the age of 18, I enlisted in the United States Army working with Military Intelligence. Over the course of the next decade, I was fortunate to travel extensively throughout Europe and Asia being able to visit many areas of interest in the Art, History, and Science arenas. Today it is my desire to incorporate all of my experiences and journeys into new and exciting perspectives within the many projects I become involved in. Thankfully, I have had excellent opportunities to work with top-tier colleagues and organizations across the globe.

It is my hope to continue moving forward in exciting and new endeavors that provide the highest benefit/quality to my audience and clientele. I'm also currently exploring avenues that will allow me to provide educational and historical tools to benefit the community at large. As I continue my journey, I cordially invite all of my visitors to join in and contact me if there is anything I can do to assist you.


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