For today's selection, we will be examining "History of the Military Intelligence Division, Department of the Army General Staff: 1775-1941". This volume was published in 1986 by Bruce Bidwell.

History of the Military Intelligence Division, Department of the Army General Staff: 1775-1941 - 1986 - Bruce Bidwell

Military Intelligence Division (United States)

The Military Intelligence Division was the military intelligence branch of the United States Army and United States Department of War from May 1917 (as the Military Intelligence Section, then Military Intelligence Branch in February 1918, then Military Intelligence Division in June 1918) to March 1942. It was preceded by the Military Information Division and the General Staff Second Division and in 1942 was reorganised as the Military Intelligence Service.


World War One

Corps of Interpreters American Expeditionary Force G2 Corps of Intelligence Police

Inter-War Years

Army G2 Black Chamber MI Officer Reserve Corps Signal Intelligence Service Devolution to G2 and S2

World War Two

In March 1942, the Military Intelligence Division was reorganized as the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). It was tasked with collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence, and absorbed the Fourth Army Intelligence School. Originally comprising just 26 people, 16 of them officers, it was quickly expanded to include 342 officers and 1,000 enlisted men and civilians garrisoned at Camp Savage in Minnesota.

Initially, the MID included:

  • an Administrative Group
  • an Intelligence Group
  • a Counterintelligence Group
  • an Operations Group

In May 1942, Alfred McCormack, established the Special Branch of MIS which specialised in COMINT.

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