Possible Provenance of Famous Landscape Painter +NR

A very rare hand-colored periodical of European costumes and customs.


Main author: Pierre-Antoine Leboux de La Mésangère

Title: Almanach des modes, suivi de l'Annuaire des modes.

Published: Paris : Chez Rosa, 1816.

Language: French

Notes & contents: 

  • 1st edition
  • 7 hand-colored full-page plates
  • Provenance: 

“Jule Dupre; Aigle”

Found on pg. 41

Jules Dupré was a French painter and of one of the chief members of the Barbizon school of landscape painters.

“If Corot stands for the lyric and Roussea for the epic aspect of the poetry of nature, Dupre is the exponent of his trage and dramatic aspects.”

“Louis Fauzin”

Located on inner back board

Wear: wear as seen in photos

Binding: tight and secure binding

Pages: complete with all vii + 208 pages; plus indexes, prefaces, and such

Publisher: Paris : Chez Rosa, 1816.

Size: ~5in X 4in (12.5cm x 10cm)

Alexander's Tomb/ Alexander the Great

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