A theological work by Jacques Duguet on the Sabbath Day and the six days of work including writings on Psalms.


Jacques Joseph Duguet (1649 – 1733) was a French theologian and moralist.

Main author: Jacques Joseph Duguet; Jacques Vincent d' Asfeld

Title: Explication de l'ouvrage des six jours, nouvelle édition augmentée du second sens du pseaume 103 et d'une table des matières, par MM. les abbez Duguet et d'Asfeld.          

Published: A Paris : Chez François Babuty ..., 1740.

Language: French

Notes & content: 

  • 1st edition
  • Provenance: “Ce livre est a moy marie Margueritte morillon de…[Lyeudorny]”

Wear: wear as seen in photos

Binding: tight and secure leather binding

Pages: complete with all 527 pages; plus indexes, prefaces, and such

Publisher: A Paris : Chez François Babuty ..., 1740.

Size: ~7in X 4in (18cm x 10cm) 

Jacques Joseph Duguet is a theologian and moralist French, born in Montbrison the December 4, 1649. Died in Paris on October 25, 1733.

Jacques Joseph Duguet entered in 1667 in the Congregation of the Oratory. Ordained in 1677, he was first professor of theology at St. Magloire seminary and then away to Strasbourg in 1682 because of his opinions Jansenists. He refuses to sign the form and leaves the Oratory in 1685.

He then went secretly to Brussels nearly Antoine Arnauld and Pasquier Quesnel. In 1690, returned to public life, he distanced himself from the more extreme Jansenists. From 1712, he wrote on the issue of the conversion of Jews to Christianity, which would be the prophetic sign of the coming redemption of the Church. It is a theme that we find in Figurists the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Retired in Savoy, there wrote an Institution of a prince, political treaty for the heir Duke, which was not published until after his death in 1739. Hostile to the Ecclesiastical News and convulsions, he continued its distance from the most extreme forms of Jansenism.

In 1764, was published The Spirit of Duguet or Summary of Christian morality.

Major works

Treaty on the duties of a bishop in 1710 .

Treaty scruples, 1717 .

Letters on various topics of morality and piety, 1718 .

Conducting a Christian lady to live holy in the world (read online the 3rd edition, Paris, Jacques Estienne, 1730).

Institution of a prince, or treated qualities, virtues and duties of a sovereign or relative to the temporal government of his states, or as leader of a Christian society, which is necessarily linked with religion, in 1739. Aside the Index in 1742. Available online.

Ecclesiastical conferences, in 1742.

Treaty public prayer

Explanation of the work of the six days. Available online.

Explanation of the Passion.


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